funky, natural and organic skincare products

Co-founders Martine and Sarah met back in 2009 when they began working together in a busy marketing team. They quickly hit it off and became good friends. As experienced marketers they would often chat about their own experiences as customers and had strong ideas about how customer service and products, particularly skincare, could be improved upon.

They both had a real enthusiasm for skincare products having both struggled to find the perfect solution for their different skin conditions and in a ‘light bulb moment’ they decided to go into business together.

Their hours of research discovered a whole host of ‘Mother Natures’ ingredients and they began to experiment. So out came the pestle and mortar, mixing up their own concoctions of fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants and natural oils. Using themselves as ‘Guinea Pigs’ they found that not only did some of the ingredients smell gorgeous the effects on the skin were actually amazing!

In the early days, it was around 9 O’Clock most evenings when their eyes were in need of match sticks, that the ideas began to flow… some good, but mostly terrible! Their motto was “lets sleep on it and if it’s still a good idea in the morning we’ll go with it… if not, it was just another “9 O’Clock Moment”

The aim was to offer an exceptional skincare experience by offering natural and organic skincare products that were not only effective but had an element of fun and funkiness! And at that particular “9 O’Clock Moment” Funky Skincare was born.

Since the launch of Funky Skincare back in January 2014, the team has grown and in August 2014, Bryony Moore joined the business as their first consultant and the team continues to expand with consultants over the country.